Dance To Lose That Annoying Hip Fat!

When you hear the word ‘exercise’, all that comes to your mind are heavy work out sessions. But there’s another fun way to lose weight: dancing. Yes, dancing is a fast and effective way to lose all those extra pounds. Shake off the fat deposit on your hips by grooving to some peppy music.

Here’s a list of few dance forms that can help you loosen up your hips:


High energy beats and rhythms with Latin dance moves make Zumba the world’s largest dance fitness program. Get ready to shake your hips in every possible way with Zumba dancing. This dance form includes a lot of movements, especially of your hips along with abs rolling and cardio. Dance like nobody’s watching and burn all the calories from your hips.

Zumba Dance For Weight Loss-03.png


Breakdancing is an energetic form of dance that requires a lot of strength and stamina. A form of street dancing with some cool hip hop moves, this one’s sure to make you lose a lot of weight. This type of dance includes breaking movements like power moves, toprock, downrock and freezes. Continuous twists, turns, spins and rotations are going to make your hips lose all the unnecessary fats while toning your body. So strengthen your hips and go crazy dancing!


Belly Dancing

Belly dancing involves the movement of the hips and abdomen. This dance form originated in the Middle East and is probably the grooviest way to lose your hip fat. Keeping the upper body still, all you need to do is move your hips and abs vigorously with the beats. Your core muscles are going to tighten while your hips shrink.



Latin Ballroom

Latin Ballroom is a type of Latin Dance that focuses on intense hip movements. This dance form includes moving of your hips from left to right, up and down, forward and backward along with the movement of the knees. You are bound to lose all your hip fat as this dance form isolates your hips and only emphases on their motion.


It’s that time of the year when you start making your own bucket list of New Year’s resolutions. This year make a resolution of kick-starting the New Year by partying with your friends and family at the Ibiza Resort. Choose your favourite dance type and start rolling your hips to the 31st night music beats. You are also going to get inspired by the exotic dance moves of our Turkish belly dancer Tatiana. So what are you waiting for? Keep dancing, keep grooving, and keep burning the fat!


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