10 Signs You Are In A Great Restaurant

The difference between a “good” and a “great” restaurant lies in the fact how much effort has been put in each and every detail. Whether it’s the décor of the place or the maintenance of hygiene, every specific element has its own value. So what are the signs that help you separate the “good” from the “great” restaurant? Read on…

  1. The significance of the bread

A restaurant that serves you warm bread and butter immediately after you’re seated is likely to serve you a good meal. You get an idea from the kind of bread served as to how your gastronomic venture for the night is going to be. Very few restaurants actually take the effort of cleaning up the bread crumbs in between your course of meal.

  1. Water refill

This is a common service that all diners love. Refilling of water before without having to ask for it is a true sign of a quality restaurant. The one that offers fresh sparkling water is the one you should dine in.

  1. A knowledgeable waitstaff

A trained waitstaff should be able to explain anything and everything about the menu. A waiter who doesn’t know exactly what he is serving automatically sends negative vibes about the restaurant. So no excuses are accepted in this case!

  1. Food timing

Timing plays a vital role in restaurants too. A restaurant can be termed as punctual if they serve the right course of meal at the right time. Besides this, a restaurant should also know the maximum time difference between two courses, which in any case must never be exceeded.

  1. Attention of the server

The person who is responsible for serving should be very attentive, which means he should be aware of what you need and when, without actually staring at you. This requires a special skill and restaurants that have such perfect servers score high on their report card.

  1. Perfect ambience

A restaurant should let the diners feel easy and comfortable by appropriately spacing out their tables and chairs. The noise level of the music shouldn’t be too loud either as nobody wants to scream when talking to someone sitting right next to them. The light should be dim, intimate and cozy and yet should allow you read the menu properly.

  1. Allow enough dining time

Giving diners enough time to spend time eating and talking is a good practice that restaurants should follow. We know it’s a business at the end of the day, but rushing out diners is just going to leave a bad impression. And losing out on one diner means losing out on many more gradually.

  1. A clean and nice restroom

While the décor of the restroom depends on how much a restaurant can afford, cleanliness is not an option to be compromised on. Be it a big or a small restaurant, the restroom should be clean and tidy with proper amount of soap, towels and tissues.

  1. Proper Plate Clearing

The plates should be seamlessly cleared. A staff should only clear the plates from the table when the whole group has completed their meal. Also the staff should be aware whether or not the diner has completed eating.

  1. The food

Last but not the least; the food should be out of the world. If the ultimate reason for coming to a restaurant isn’t up to the mark, the above points make no sense to the diner. However, if the food’s good then at times even the rest of the signs can be compromised on.

Ibiza Resort’s restaurant not just fulfills all the above mentioned points of a great restaurant, but also leaves a long lasting impression on its diners. Keeping in mind relaxation and comfort, the restaurant lets you enjoy a supreme view of the resort.

So what are you waiting for? Come with your friends and family to enjoy a hearty meal and share your experiences with us.



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