Top 5 Wedding Destinations In India

So you are done with the question, got a perfect ‘Yes’ as your answer and now comes the time for all the preparations you both have been fantasizing about. We all want a big fat Indian wedding, and destination wedding is now the hottest trend. These days not just the locals, but even foreigners from distant lands dream of getting married in exotic locations of India.

Here’s a list of 5 glamorous locations in India that are just perfect for your wedding:


Think of beach weddings, and Goa is the name that pops up in mind. Whether you want to go for a beach or a garden wedding, all you need to do is get in touch with a wedding planner, or the manager of resorts like Turiya or Leela Villa to plan your wedding. Peppy Portuguese music, loads of dancing and a flawless beach backdrop of the blue water are going to make your wedding an exciting affair to remember.




Kerala, considered to be God’s own country, is one of those stunning places in India where you can dream of your wedding. The palm trees, the striking backwaters and the serene atmosphere are going to make your wedding all the more beautiful. The Leela or the Kumarakom resorts are some of the best choices if you want a wedding on the scenic islands of Kerala.




Rajasthan and, especially Udaipur, redefines royalty. From huge havelis to palaces, this state stands out as a popular choice amidst locals and foreigners alike. You can dream of tying the knot in popular venues like Samode Palace, Mehrangarh Fort, Devi Garh, etc. From grooms on elephant backs to grand decorations, you can make your wedding as royal as possible in Rajasthan.



The Taj Mahal, the epitome of eternal love, is considered as one of the most ideal places in India to get married at. You can plan your wedding with well-known hotels like Jaypee and take vows in front of the Taj, with the magnificent monument as the backdrop. This is a fairytale wedding at its best.



Kolkata, the city of joy, never fails to surprise! With grandeur and grace, this city welcomes people from in and outside the city to enjoy the various aspects it has to offer. Ibiza Resort, situated few hours’ drive from the city, is the ideal place for a perfect wedding that you and your partner have always dreamed of. With a magnificent view of the widespread green lawns, the majestic feel of the fort that has been built up, and the super cool Spanish bar overlooking the swimming pool are sure to make your wedding a grand one.


To celebrate your D-Day, choose the right destination to make your wedding memorable for a lifetime. So get hitched in one of these hot and happening locations in India!


Dance To Lose That Annoying Hip Fat!

When you hear the word ‘exercise’, all that comes to your mind are heavy work out sessions. But there’s another fun way to lose weight: dancing. Yes, dancing is a fast and effective way to lose all those extra pounds. Shake off the fat deposit on your hips by grooving to some peppy music.

Here’s a list of few dance forms that can help you loosen up your hips:


High energy beats and rhythms with Latin dance moves make Zumba the world’s largest dance fitness program. Get ready to shake your hips in every possible way with Zumba dancing. This dance form includes a lot of movements, especially of your hips along with abs rolling and cardio. Dance like nobody’s watching and burn all the calories from your hips.

Zumba Dance For Weight Loss-03.png


Breakdancing is an energetic form of dance that requires a lot of strength and stamina. A form of street dancing with some cool hip hop moves, this one’s sure to make you lose a lot of weight. This type of dance includes breaking movements like power moves, toprock, downrock and freezes. Continuous twists, turns, spins and rotations are going to make your hips lose all the unnecessary fats while toning your body. So strengthen your hips and go crazy dancing!


Belly Dancing

Belly dancing involves the movement of the hips and abdomen. This dance form originated in the Middle East and is probably the grooviest way to lose your hip fat. Keeping the upper body still, all you need to do is move your hips and abs vigorously with the beats. Your core muscles are going to tighten while your hips shrink.



Latin Ballroom

Latin Ballroom is a type of Latin Dance that focuses on intense hip movements. This dance form includes moving of your hips from left to right, up and down, forward and backward along with the movement of the knees. You are bound to lose all your hip fat as this dance form isolates your hips and only emphases on their motion.


It’s that time of the year when you start making your own bucket list of New Year’s resolutions. This year make a resolution of kick-starting the New Year by partying with your friends and family at the Ibiza Resort. Choose your favourite dance type and start rolling your hips to the 31st night music beats. You are also going to get inspired by the exotic dance moves of our Turkish belly dancer Tatiana. So what are you waiting for? Keep dancing, keep grooving, and keep burning the fat!


India’s Top 5 Best Bars

India is fast growing into a hot destination of some of the sexiest bars in the world. If you’re in any of these happening Indian cities mentioned below, or if you plan to go on a tour, you should definitely pay a visit to the top 5 best bars in India. Here goes the list:

  1. Aer, Four Seasons, Mumbai

The AER, Four Seasons bar offers a stunning panoramic view of the coastal city of Mumbai. Enjoy a drink with your friends on the rooftop lounge under the limitless sky full of stars; or feel the beats of high on energy music played by the DJ that can keep you grooving. The bar offers Happy Hour deals on cocktails and champagne post sunset to guests. Whoa, isn’t that great?


  1. Black Sheep Bistro, Goa

The Black Sheep Bistro is one of Panjim’s well known spots that delivers delicious cuisine with a variety of quality wines and innovative cocktails for its guests. Signature cocktails prepared from fresh seasonal ingredients attract a wide section of travellers and tourists. So gather your friends along and enjoy a friendly yet legendary drinking and dining experience at Goa.


  1. Over The Moon, Hyderabad

The coolest thing about Over The Moon is the widespread area that gives their guests a bird’s eye view of the serene celestial body. The huge bar menu offers guests a diversity of craft beers, wines, ciders and cocktails to choose from. Enjoy a perfect drink with your loved one under the moon along with a bite of their lip-smacking snacks.


  1. Firangi Paani, Bangalore

The Firangi Paani exudes the royalty of an English bar in the city of Bangalore. The place is well decorated with chairs made up of leather upholstery and various other antiques. You can come for a glass of martini, scotch, and or a margarita and spend a great evening laughing and rejoicing with your friends.


  1. Spanish Bar, Ibiza Resort, Kolkata

The Spanish Bar of Ibiza Resort is just the right place to hang out with your family and friends. Situated along the poolside, you can indulge yourself in a world class variety of quality drinks, while enjoying the view of a bright and starry moonlit sky. Drive to the Spanish Bar and take pleasure in the calmness of the place, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. So, come and grab your favourite cocktail and sip merrily on it while you get a bite of the best of barbeque in town.

featureimage_1 copykkk

So, make sure to visit these top 5 best bars in India and indulge yourself in some shenanigans that you remember for a lifetime!

Why Dancing Is Good For You?

If you are against gym and yet want to stay in shape, then dancing those kilos away is the right choice for you. It helps you to stay fit and happy, while having a lot of fun at the same time. You can get bored of working out and of gym, but you can’t get bored of dancing. Dancing is cool and fancy and most importantly, there is a huge variety of dance forms to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Find out why you should put on your dancing shoes.

  1. Dancing helps you burn calories

If you want to lose weight in a fun way, moving your body vigorously will help you lose all that extra body fat. The intensity at which you are dancing is responsible for how much calories you can burn. When you start shedding all the fat, the toned dance muscles start to show. Isn’t that great?

  1. Dancing improves health

Be it any kind of health problems, dancing is the ultimate solution! It promotes good health by strengthening your muscles, decreasing blood pressure, improving cardiovascular strength, decreasing the risk of heart diseases, reducing stress and much more.

  1. Dancing improves coordination

Practicing dancing will make you learn to have control over yourself both physically and mentally. You will know how to move gracefully and maintain poise; which means the next time you get on the floor, all eyes would be on you.

  1. Dancing builds your confidence

Don’t know how to dance? Well, just groove to the beats left and right and gradually you will know how to dance. The more you dance, the better your confidence level will become. When you’ve mastered the art of dancing, it will give you a different sense of achievement.

  1. Dancing lets you meet new people

Dancing gives you an excuse to meet new people and interact. This can be a perfect icebreaker if you are way too shy to socialize. So dancing with strangers can help you explore your capabilities and consequently, your inner self.

  1. Dancing keeps your mind active

Remembering various dance steps is a great exercise for your brain.  It helps in increasing circulation to the brain, making your memory stronger. So dance the night away to remember birthdays, anniversaries and more!

  1. Dancing lifts up your mood

Dancing is the best way to get out of depression and beat stress. It releases endorphins that help in bringing up your energy level. Once you start dancing, you’re bound to get refreshed and feel alive. So raise the volume of your favorite song and dance away to glory!

Break free and dance like nobody is watching at the Ibiza Under World discotheque. Jive to the latest music hits on the dance floor and enjoy the perfect kind of ambience. The nightclub stands out from the rest in terms of the impeccable sound quality it delivers.

Still thinking whether to dance or not? Gather your friends and family together or go solo dancing. Keep dancing till you drop!

10 Signs You Are In A Great Restaurant

The difference between a “good” and a “great” restaurant lies in the fact how much effort has been put in each and every detail. Whether it’s the décor of the place or the maintenance of hygiene, every specific element has its own value. So what are the signs that help you separate the “good” from the “great” restaurant? Read on…

  1. The significance of the bread

A restaurant that serves you warm bread and butter immediately after you’re seated is likely to serve you a good meal. You get an idea from the kind of bread served as to how your gastronomic venture for the night is going to be. Very few restaurants actually take the effort of cleaning up the bread crumbs in between your course of meal.

  1. Water refill

This is a common service that all diners love. Refilling of water before without having to ask for it is a true sign of a quality restaurant. The one that offers fresh sparkling water is the one you should dine in.

  1. A knowledgeable waitstaff

A trained waitstaff should be able to explain anything and everything about the menu. A waiter who doesn’t know exactly what he is serving automatically sends negative vibes about the restaurant. So no excuses are accepted in this case!

  1. Food timing

Timing plays a vital role in restaurants too. A restaurant can be termed as punctual if they serve the right course of meal at the right time. Besides this, a restaurant should also know the maximum time difference between two courses, which in any case must never be exceeded.

  1. Attention of the server

The person who is responsible for serving should be very attentive, which means he should be aware of what you need and when, without actually staring at you. This requires a special skill and restaurants that have such perfect servers score high on their report card.

  1. Perfect ambience

A restaurant should let the diners feel easy and comfortable by appropriately spacing out their tables and chairs. The noise level of the music shouldn’t be too loud either as nobody wants to scream when talking to someone sitting right next to them. The light should be dim, intimate and cozy and yet should allow you read the menu properly.

  1. Allow enough dining time

Giving diners enough time to spend time eating and talking is a good practice that restaurants should follow. We know it’s a business at the end of the day, but rushing out diners is just going to leave a bad impression. And losing out on one diner means losing out on many more gradually.

  1. A clean and nice restroom

While the décor of the restroom depends on how much a restaurant can afford, cleanliness is not an option to be compromised on. Be it a big or a small restaurant, the restroom should be clean and tidy with proper amount of soap, towels and tissues.

  1. Proper Plate Clearing

The plates should be seaml Continue reading 10 Signs You Are In A Great Restaurant

The Top 5 Places To Wake Up On Your First Anniversary

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to the view of a stunning picturesque setting on their first anniversary? Whether it’s the splendid mountains or the splash of waves touching the isolated sand beaches, each location has its own charm.

Here’s a list of top 5 places in India that you would want to wake up in on your first anniversary: 

The backwaters of Kerala

Have you ever experienced the magic of cruising in a houseboat? Well, if you haven’t, try cruising across the backwaters of Kerala. You can observe the pleasant view of the rural life as you pass by coconut lagoons, paddy fields and distant villages. Prepare a private romantic dinner and enjoy the scenic beauty of Kerala from the comforts of the luxurious bedrooms and living rooms.

Price: INR 8,000 Approximately for 1-Bedroom Deluxe A/C Day & Night.


The sunrise of Kasol                      

How about waking up to the sight of the sunrise through the hills of Kasol? You could spend precious hours together walking by the Parvati River, or you could go on a trek to Kheer Ganga, if you’re feeling a little adventurous. Go for a stroll up and down the valleys and indulge yourself in the beauty of the Amsterdam of India.

Price: INR 12,500 Approximately for 3 Days and 2 Nights.


The Yuksom of Sikkim

Wake up to the panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges while you quietly enjoy the serenity of the quaint city of Yuksom, Sikkim on your first anniversary. Express your love by sharing a cup of coffee as you cuddle together on a cool morning in this picturesque town.

Price: INR 11,000 Approximately for 3 Days 2 Nights.


The grandeur of Andaman Islands

Spending your first anniversary on an island amidst sandy beaches and blue waters can be truly alluring. All you need is a glass of wine and a perfect meal on the beach to spend some quality time on your special day. Add some fun to your day with several adventure activities.

Price: INR 20,000 Approximately for 5 Days and 4 Nights.


The Ibiza Resort, Kolkata

Located an hour’s drive away from the city, the Merlin Ibiza resort is an ultra-romantic escapade for couples. Come here to relax by the pool or enjoy a glass of Sangria at the Spanish Bar with your soul mate on to celebrate the wondrous journey of your first year together as a married couple.

Price: INR 5,499 Approximately for a 2 Studio/Deluxe/Cottage rooms.


So why not celebrate your first year of togetherness in one of these mesmerizingly exotic places in India? Choose the location of your choice and arrange for a surprise that will leave your partner spellbound.